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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I dine at the bed and breakfast without staying for the night?
A: Although, we would love to serve delicious healthy vegan meals to the general public, we are only licensed to serve meals to over-night guests.

Q: Can I visit the farm without staying at the bed & breakfast?
A: Yes, please feel free to email us to set up a time for and Animal Sanctuary and Farm Tour. Tours are $25 per person.

Q: Can I bring my pet to stay with me at the White Pig?
A: We operate a closed herd sanctuary, so for the health and well being of the animals that live here, we do not allow guest’s pets. However, we do allow well behaved dogs over the age of 1 year at the Cloud Cottage.

Q: Are there places to eat in the area that offer vegetarian and/or vegan options?
A: Yes. Here are just a few. We also have a local menus book at the B&B to assist you during your stay.

In Scottsville (a 10 minute drive)

In Nellysford (a 15 minute drive):

In Lovingston (a 15 minute drive):

  • Chens – Chinese takeout with a few tables
  • Vitos  – Italian
  • Rapunzels – coffee house & music venue

In North Garden (a 15 minute drive):

In Charlottesville (a 25-30 minute drive):

Q: What do you use to clean the rooms?
(for people who have allergies or are chemical sensitive.)
A: For those with allergies, we do not allow our animals or guests pets in the Farmhouse Rooms, making it an allergen-free environment. We do however use cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly scented cleaning products for those who may be allergic. We allow dogs in The Cloud Cottage.

Q: Can you accommodate people with special diets or food allergies?
A: We would be happy to adjust our menu for people with food allergies such as allergies to wheat, gluten and soy. (as well as other food allergies or food dislikes). Please let us know at the time of your reservation what you are allergic to, etc, so we can plan our menu during your stay to meet your needs.

However, we can not accommodate “fad” diets. We have worked on our menu for over 13 years, and have “trademark” dishes. We would prefer to present our best rather than turn out less to meet a “fad” request.