Briar Creek Farm

As you enter the gate, ride up the long, winding drive and over the Briar Creek, you enter a world of peace and tranquility.

You are now at Briar Creek Farm, home of The White Pig Sanctuary. The White Pig Sanctuary is a 170 beautiful acres, which includes a lovely natural pond, babbling creek, and acres of meadows and forests.

The White Pig Sanctuary (a private sanctuary) was set up to house our herd of rescued miniature pot bellied pigs. At present, they enjoy heated and cooled barns, a 10-acre pasture with trees, pasture, and seasonal creek. Income from the inn supports the pigs by providing them with feed, necessary medical care, and medicines. We are a private sanctuary and rely solely on the success of the bed and breakfast to support the sanctuary. It also provides necessary funding that protects the countless wildlife that call Briar Creek Farm their home and protects their land from development and sport hunting.

The balance of the sanctuary is mostly wooded and untouched, allowing for the remaining part of the farm to serve as a wildlife sanctuary for the birds and other wildlife (deer, turkey, fox, bobcat, possum, raccoon, beaver, black bear) that inhabit the area.

Since the farm seems to be encapsulated in time, things are virtually the same as they were over 100 years ago. Treading lightly on the land, quiet walking paths have been created for our guests to catch a glimpse of the numerous birds, plants and wildlife that call Briar Creek Farm their home.

The Briar Creek Farm is also home to our 3 dogs, 5 cats, a pony and an ex-race horse.